School Fees
  • School Fees are payable through online link:
  • To pay through online link kindly follow the following steps:
  • Kindly enter the details of user Id and password

    (i) User ID :……………………….

    Password: …………………...

    (ii) Your user id will be (capital P) P followed by your ward’s admission number e.g. user id: P123456 (P is common for all the parents)

    (iii) Your password will be the first three alphabets of your ward’s name followed by date of birth of your ward in reverse order. All the three alphabets should be in capital letter.

    Example: if your ward’s name is Ritivik and his date of birth is 18/06/2010 then your password will be: RIT20100618

  • In the online payment there is option for monthly, quarterly and

    annually fee payment. You may choose the option as per your convenience and pay the fee before 20th of every month.

  • There will be fine for those who pay the fee after 20th of the month.
  • Fees once paid are non-refundable.
  • Incase you have made online payment and money has been deducted

    from your account but you are unable to get the confirmation, you are

    requested to wait for minimum of half an hour before you try to make

    the same payment second time.

  • Fees are subject to revision at the discretion of the Management.
  • Pupils may not be allowed to sit for any of the examinations unless all

    dues of the School are paid up-to date.

  • Fees from the academic session 2022-23 is “ Composite Fee” which means there is no separate bifurcation of different heads rather tuition fee, annual fee, exams fee and other fees are all included under “ Composite Fee”. This has been done as per the order of Government.
  • For any issue regarding the fees, you can mail us on: