House System

House System

To develop qualities of leadership, sense of responsibility and a spirit of co-operation and service, activities are designed House wise. It is fostered by a nexus of co-curricular and extra curricular activities.

The school is divided into four houses.

Houses Color Ideal
Peacock Blue Love
Skylark Yellow Purity
Seagull Green Simplicity
Bulbul Red Sacrifice

The School Council

The Students' Council helps in maintaining discipline, conducting functions and acting as a liasion between the students and the teachers.

The school Prime Minister is elected by the teachers, or nominated by the Principal and the senior teachers and is assisted by the Cabinet Ministers, captains and the vice captains of each House, discipline prefects and prefects of the respective classes.

The Principal presides over the meetings to remind the prefects of their duties and advises about the Two (2) Summative Assessments which include the two terminal examinations of 20% and 40% respectively. Besides these scholastic areas Academic manner in which they are to be performed. Moreover the problems they encounter are discussed to arrive at fruitful solution. It's a joint venture to work for the common goal of the school.