Parent-Teacher Relationship

  • Maximum co-operation between the parents and the school is necessary for drawing out the best in the child.
  • Parents should carry out their responsibilities as joint educator in instilling in their children respect and strict obedience for all school rules and regulations.
  • As the medium of instruction in this school is English, children should be helped to follow their classes easily and intelligently by certain amount of regular English conversation at home.
  • Periodic meetings of parents with the teachers will be arranged by the Principal in order to ensure co-ordination in the process of the children's education. Notings by the Teacher on the PT register should be signed by the parents.
  • Parents who regularly fail to attend Parent¬≠ Teacher meetings will be deemed to be not interested in the students' education and as this is pernicious to the School in general and the student in particular, the student may be asked to discontinue.
  • Parents/guardians are not allowed to visit their wards or the teachers in the classrooms/school premises during school hours.
  • Those wishing to visit the school or meet the staff of the School must first obtain permission from the Principal/School office.
  • Parents are expected to sign the reports, worksheets, teacher's remarks in the school diary and other similar documents so that they keep in close touch with progress of their children.
  • No teacher is to be approached for private tuitions. Remedial tuition will be arranged in school either before or after school or on holidays.

Student-Teacher relationship

  • Show them courtesy and respect at all times.
  • Accept their authority, their right to give instructions, and to allocate suitable correction to those who break rules.
  • Love your teachers and never speak ill of them.
  • Come to school on time and bring all necessary materials with you.
  • Listen attentively when teachers and" others are speaking. Indicate your desire to contribute by asking or answering any question by raising your hand.
  • Avoid any distracting behaviour during lessons.
  • "Co-operate with the class monitor in maintaining proper order and discipline during change of periods and when the teacher happens to be absent or late.

Relationship among fellow students

  • Do not interfere with their personal matters by bullying or by indulging in violence.
  • Do not detract their good name by insults or spreading rumours.
  • Do not interfere with their chances to learn by disrupting the class room environment.
  • Do not take and spoil materials belonging to others. Speak to them with courtesy and respect.
  • Do not pick up quarrels with your fellow students.
  • Help the weak students to cope with their studies.
  • Be responsible for your actions and accept their consequences.

Student-Parent Relationship

  • Respect them and obey them.
  • Communicate all the messages given in the school.
  • Remind them to meet the teacher on the prescribed date to enquire about your progress in the school.
  • Try to be independent in getting ready for the school without bothering your parents.
  • Do not tell lies or hide matters from your parents.